What is Armtrak?

Armtrak is the first portable and patented visual aid invented to teach athletes of all ages a proper and repeatable throwing motion. Invented by former Major League pitcher and professional pitching instructor Fernando Arroyo, Armtrak helps develop muscle memory to increase speed and accuracy when throwing. Additionally, the techniques learned with this device provide reduction in stress to the body, potentially allowing increased longevity to the throwing arm.

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Throw Like a Pro™

“An excellent tool for all levels of play and positions.”  Dusty Baker (3-Time MLB Manager of The Year)

Armtrak is a training device used by players at every level of baseball and softball.

  • Armtrak’s patented design works with your body’s natural motion, placing you in the proper throwing position, each and every time
  • Armtrak helps to relieve stress on your body and arm, by teaching you how to release the ball naturally
  • Armtrak works for thousands of top-level juniors and several professional teams, including the Oakland Athletics™
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Armtrak is a much needed tool that has been missing for years and is finally here! Professionals, young adults and youth at all levels can learn the technique of throwing a baseball or softball with greater command.

Jerry Manuel

Multi-Award Winning MLB Mgr. of the Year (Chicago White Sox)

Compete at a Higher Level

Big league players and coaches attest to the effectiveness of Armtrak. Armtrak is an invention by former major league pitcher and professional pitching coach Fernando Arroyo. Armtrak allows players to perfect the proper throwing motion to gain command of the ball, balance, and achieve top velocity.

Ideal for practicing various roles, Armtrak can be used to train a variety of positions on the field. Whether you’re a pro athlete, college, high school, softball or little league player, Armtrak is used to effectively assist you in achieving performance goals.

Simply set up Armtrak to practice to keep your arm’s throwing motion within the natural arm track lanes. Armtrak will prevent or break bad throwing habits. Best of all, Armtrak may extend a player’s career by preventing unnecessary stress to a player’s joints. Don’t wait a minute longer. Order Armtrak and begin to Throw Like a Pro.