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Fernando Arroyo
Fernando ArroyoArmtrak Inventor

Fernando Arroyo

Armtrak was invented by former Major League Baseball star and professional pitching coach Fernando Arroyo. Mr. Arroyo was a professional pitcher for 18 years, and spent another 15 seasons as a professional pitching coach while working with some of MLB’s top All Stars, World Series winning pitchers, and players.
 “As a pitching coach, I worked to perfect some of baseball’s finest arms,” says Arroyo. “I also worked with fielders and catchers to increase their accuracy and velocity.” Arroyo has also dedicated thousands of hours working with young players to learn the proper way of throwing so they can withstand long seasons on the way to fulfilling their dreams.
The Armtrak system is ideal for fine-tuning one’s throwing technique while reducing arm strain. Innovative thinking and many years of experience have converged to provide athletes a natural method for reaching their performance goals. Engineered to produce a quality-throwing arm, the Armtrak system is designed to assist in providing a stronger and more accurate throw.

Throw Like a ProTM

  • Armtrak places the arm in the proper throwing position to help correct arm slot, follow through and delivery
  • Armtrak allows repeatable arm motion giving throwing arm effortless freedom with less elbow and shoulder stress
  • Armtrak teaches unrestricted motion that helps you to throw with less fatigue, thus promoting a healthier arm
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Train Right. Stay Healthy.

Simply set up Armtrak to practice to keep your arm’s throwing motion within the natural arm track lanes. Armtrak will prevent or break bad throwing habits. Best of all, Armtrak may extend a player’s career by preventing unnecessary stress to a player’s joints. Don’t wait a minute longer. Order Armtrak and begin to Throw Like a Pro.
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Armtrak is a much needed tool that has been missing for years and is finally here! Professionals, young adults and youth at all levels can learn the technique of throwing a baseball or softball with greater command.
Jerry Manuel, Multi-Award Winning MLB Mgr. of the Year (Chicago White Sox)
An excellent tool for all levels of play and positions.
Dusty Baker, (3-Time MLB Manager of The Year)
A great tool to develop proper fundamentals for throwing a baseball or softball.
Curt Young, MLB Oakland A's Pitching Coach

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