Fernando Arroyo

Fernando Arroyo spent over 18 years behind the mound, facing off against some of baseball’s greats like Hank Aaron, Carl ‘The Yaz’ Yastrzemski and Eddie Murray. Rather than hang up his cleats at the end of his career, he spent another 20 years sharpening the skills of fellow MLB and junior pitchers, working with MLB organizations like the Oakland Athletics.

“I was lucky enough to have a full career at our game’s highest level. While some pitchers faced multiple surgeries and treatments for elbow and shoulder issues, I worked hard to find the safest, most efficient way to throw. All of that testing and research lead me to create the Armtrak. It incorporates all of the drills and skills that I use to perfect some of baseball’s finest arms.” says Arroyo. “As a coach, I realized quickly that those same throwing principles applied to every player on the field, not just pitchers. So, I designed the Armtrak to be used by every player and position.”

Arroyo’s decades of experience and innovative thinking have converged to provide athletes a natural and intuitive method of fine-tuning their throwing motion and relieving stress on the body. Armtrak is engineered from the ground up to provide a stronger and more accurate throw, every time.

Throw Like a ProTM

  • Armtrak’s patented design works with your body’s natural motion, placing you in the proper throwing position, each and every time
  • Armtrak helps to relieve stress on your body and arm, by teaching you how to release the ball naturally
  • Armtrak works for thousands of top-level juniors and several professional teams, including the Oakland Athletics™
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Train Right. Stay Healthy.

Simply set up Armtrak to practice to keep your arm’s throwing motion within the natural arm track lanes. Armtrak will prevent or break bad throwing habits. Best of all, Armtrak may extend a player’s career by preventing unnecessary stress to a player’s joints. Don’t wait a minute longer. Order Armtrak and begin to Throw Like a Pro.
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