So league season is around the corner and the little ones in the school team are gearing up with their baseball bats and gloves, ready to hit some balls. However, before hitting the field, they need some fine-tuning and some baseball throwing training aid is exactly what your “little league” needs.


While many players are good at playing defense, the most crucial part of the game is throwing a mean curve and if we are getting down to some training, here’s a set of throwing training aids for baseball that can help your little league hit homerun.

The 2 As to Remember

Most game-time errors are caused due to throwing blunders, one of the primary reasons why coaches are dead-serious about throwing programs and training sessions, primarily focusing on the 2 As which are both crucial if you want to make a throw that counts. The 2 As are-

  • Accountability
  • Accuracy

The Ready- Break-Throw

Foot pointed towards the target, hip, and shoulder in position, the player gets ready but before making the throw they separate their arms and holds the position for evaluation. On the coach’s command, the player locks target and fires away. The Ready Throw is yet another throwing drills baseball coaches focus on. This is pretty much the same as the ready-break-throw only without the arm breaking or separating part.


Stretched Out

The stretched out is all about maximizing arm length and ball throw distance. The thrower can stretch their arms while making the throw which ensures the ball distance is maximum and yet strictly within the line.

Quick Release

If you are focusing on honing the fielder’s foot and hand coordination, the quick release is the one for you. The players make the transfer and return super quick, which ensures the target is kept aligned.

Get Equipped

Practice sessions are the foundation that usually prophecize the turnout of the game. A rock-solid practice session with all the players synced in coordination is what the coach is aiming for and to enhance the practice sessions further, how about we introduce you to a revolutionary baseball throwing-aid equipment, the Armtrak. It is a visual portable aid created to chisel out the inner baseball champion in you. Creator and patent-owner Fernando Arroyo invented the Armtrak to help players refine not just their throwing credibility but for their mind-eye coordination, muscle speed, and the accuracy.

With professional helping equipment by your side and our ball delivering drills, we are sure your little league can hit a home-run.