Baseball is American’s game, and part of the reason is, it is a fairly simple game. It is about hitting, throwing, catching and running. You do need a group of people to actually play a game, but you can work on any of those four skills by yourself. As you improve those individual skills on your own, you will find your overall game improving when you are with the team.

Here are ways to work on each aspect of the game on your own.


You will need several balls. Get a tee, and hit balls off a tee. Use it at different heights. Try hitting the ball at a specific target to improve hitting to certain areas. Also take a lot of swings. Pay attention to how your body is reacting, to muscle movement.


Set up some targets! You can hang a paper plate on a tree, or a fence, or mark an area with tape. Use different distances, and work on throwing accuracy. You can also do things like throw the ball against a wall behind you, field it, and throw it at the target quickly as possible.


Similar to a throwing drill. Throw the ball against a wall and practice catching it on the rebound in your glove. You can also just throw a ball into the air and catch it; also practice things that help eye-hand coordination. Simple things like just throwing the ball from one hand to the other can help some in this regard.


Running very fast is important in baseball; you can do wind springs to improve your speed. Mark off 90 feet, the distance between bases, and do sprints for that distance. Keep a stop watch, which will not be real accurate, but will give you an idea.

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