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Armtrak is the first portable and patented visual aid invented to teach athletes of all ages a proper and repeatable throwing motion. Learn More

  • Learn Proper Throwing Position
  • Increase Accuracy & Velocity
  • Reduce Injury,  Arm & Shoulder Stress
  • Gain Command of the Ball and Balance

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Product Description

Armtrak is the first portable and patented visual aid invented to teach athletes of all ages a proper and repeatable throwing motion. Invented by former Major League pitcher and professional pitching instructor Fernando Arroyo, Armtrak helps develop muscle memory to increase speed and accuracy when throwing. Additionally, the techniques learned with this device provide reduction in stress to the body and thus allowing increased longevity to the throwing arm.

Armtrak is the world’s only device of its kind and it provides a visual aid for athletes to use while perfecting their throw. By giving athletes a visual indicator of where they should be throwing, Armtrak allows training to be more engaging and results more noticeable.

Take Control of the Field

Whether it’s practice or in games, young players often do not use proper throwing techniques. This is a big concern with young kids and with those at the professional levels. Armtrak can safeguard athletes from harming themselves from improper throwing techniques and protect both their bodies and careers. This device is specially designed to develop a fluent movement when throwing which will reduce stress and prevent injury.

Armtrak is a much needed tool that has been missing for years and is finally here! Professionals, young adults and youth at all levels can learn the technique of throwing a baseball or softball with greater command.
Jerry Manuel, Multi-Award Winning MLB Mgr. of the Year (Chicago White Sox)

Armtrak can be used with or without a ball to practice the correct throwing technique. In addition, this device is versatile enough to be used in training for a variety of positions on the field. As a pitcher, this device can teach increased velocity, accuracy, and deception when on the mound. If you are an outfielder, catcher, or infielder it will assist in developing arm strength and accuracy.

Armtrak is simple to set up, easy to use and provides striking results. This device teaches career saving techniques while increasing performance. If you would like more information on how Armtrak can change your game, please contact us today!

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1 review for Armtrak – Throw Like a Pro™

  1. Tim Scarlett

    The Armtrak really helped me create a better arm path, and it helped me come over the top to create a downhill plane on my fastball. I also gained 2 mph and it helped make my off speed pitches look like my fastball by having the same arm action on all of them. Not to mention that it stopped my arm stop going off to the side and took pressure off my arm. Thanks Coach Arroyo!

    -Tim Scarlett

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